Escape from the Realm of Comfortability

It has been quite some time. The good news is I’ve been working fairly diligently on a script, which is turning out to be something I like quite a lot. The main reason I haven’t been blogging is that, when wallowing in unemployment and spending many of my days hermited away in my apartment, it’s difficult to feel like anything is happening. A few days ago, I realized I was my life was getting a little stagnant, or at least, felt that way. So I’ve started getting out and about  a little more, working at cafés instead of at home, which has helped a ridiculous amount.

But now it seems all that might be an end. After applying to a million places and receiving very little, if any, communication back, an application to a temp agency that I had only the slightest hopes for contacted me. I posted my resume and heard back earlier today, so hopefully I shall be gainfully employed by the end of the week. I think temping would work out perfectly for me – a reliable source of income, without ever latching onto a place really. Comfortability and complacency are my biggest fears and my biggest enemies right now.

And on the note of fears and comfortability, I’ve been taking all my extra time to do some reading on various subjects, including a couple of books on comedy and writing comedy, since my spec is for a sitcom. And one of the books I’m reading suggests that any comedy writer, whether for stand-up, variety, or sitcom, should do a few stand-up shows. Now I know I’m hilarious, a veritable treasure trove of laughs to all whom I grace with my presence, but cracking a few jokes amongst friends who feel compelled to laugh and doing an act in front of any number of strangers are too entirely different things, as anyone who has been to an amateur comedy hour knows. Frankly, the idea of doing stand-up is entirely, completely unappealing.

my high school improv troupe - Spontaneous Combustion

I used to do improv in high school, and I think I had a few shining moments of hilarity, but when I see an improv show these days, I wonder at how amazing they are and have serious doubts as to whether or not I could ever have made it to that level, with training or not, (although I also saw an act a couple weeks ago that was so terrible it – well, let’s just say it boosted my ego).  I did, however, have an incredible amount of fun, every single show and rehearsal.

When I read this suggestion, it percolated in my mind for a few hours. It seems like sound logic – in sitcoms, just like stand-up, jokes are a verbal being, and the difference between a joke on the page and a joke spoken aloud can be monumental. But the idea of standing up in front of people and telling jokes and trying to force them to laugh and like me is something that I never even considered, the thought of me doing that was just inconceivable.

But now I’m actually thinking about it.

I like performing, and I haven’t done it in awhile. A very long while. Unless of course you count my incredible cameo appearances in Bachelor of Spy. Still, stand-up, that is standing up in front of strangers by yourself, talking is pretty terrifying and not something I ever imagined myself doing.

Long story short, I’m very unsure about this idea. Very doubtful. And uncomfortable.

But maybe uncomfortable should be my home for the next few months?

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