Prompt, the Noun

Obviously, the adjective doesn’t apply to me. I’m just going to dispense with the usual obligatory apology for the gaps between posts and get down to business. I’ve a new ongoing project, which will be hosted here. I’m going to be writing a scene for the prompt of the day and posting it for all of the world (though mainly for the 6 people who read this blog) to see. has a subreddit reserved specially for a prompt of the day. The creator and moderator is wonderful enough to provide prompts and a place for people to post the work that spawned from the prompt at r/promptoftheday. It’s pretty awesome of him.

So I’m taking him up on his offer, at least in writing a short scene, or the beginnings of a story based on the prompts he provides. This is supposed to be a daily activity, we’ll see if I can keep it up. See the new page to check out the scenes. There may be some serious reconstruction and reorganization happening soon on this page.

Also, on the subject of “supposed to,” I do intend to make good on my promises to write here regularly, and not just for the prompt of the day. Someday.