ain’t no reboot like a doctor who reboot

With the summer creeping up, it’s becoming high time for reboots galore! And reboots are the new thing – we’re not totally ignoring previous movies to deal with these characters and stories, we’re just starting over. Despite my cynicism, I’m totally excited about this year’s reboots/reimaginings. When the first summer season action flick hits, it’s the high holidays for me.

But to business.

Novelly Derivative is going to be undergoing a reboot of its own. I’d like to be able to say that’s why the posts have been so sparse lately, but that would just be precisely not quite  in exactitude entirely accurate. But for now, it has become true, I’m holding off posting until I’ve got a system in place.

This blog started out as a way for me to just keep busy and keep writing about really anything, but I’ve decided I’d actually really like to do something with it, which means I need some focus and direction and structure. The blog started out as a way for me to chronicle transitioning into an “adult” mindset, and switching out of the college mentality. Thinking about it now, it’s funny to realize that that’s really sort of happened without my noticing it. I’m only three weeks into a new job, but I’m already in the 9 to 5 mindset and making weekly coffee dates and convincing friends to get into a kickboxing class with me. Also, conversations I’ve had in the last week have included loan consolidation, interior decorating, and Los Angeles area real estate.

So when the posts start coming hot and fresh again, I won’t totally be ignoring what this blog has been for the last year. The blog will sort of being starting anew, and I’ll be honing in on the parts I’ve decided are the important bits. Same story, just taking a closer look at different aspects, that were maybe glossed over in previous editions. Definition of a reboot, right?

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