Project Updates: Moldy Cheese Marriage

My latest project is about being a writer and the writing process in general, and the bit I’m working on now is concerned with running into problems – that time after the honeymoon, when the excitement isn’t as fresh, and suddenly you can see the problems sticking up out of your brilliant idea like the moldy bits of that cheese that you probably should’ve thrown away a few days ago, but couldn’t stand to toss because cheese is just too delicious to waste, so you’ll probably just cut out the moldy bits because cheese is basically just a good-tasting version of mold anyways, right?

The merits of moldy cheese aside, the point at which you start to see the flaws with what originally seemed the perfection of concept is a defining moment in the writing process, because it’s too easy to just abandon projects at this point and move on to the next big brilliant idea, which of course is just a terrible downward spiral of incomplete works. For something to actually outlast the post-honeymoon period takes an idea that is actually solid and a lot of teeth-gritting dedication to push something onwards and make it work. The relationship/marriage metaphor is startlingly appropriate. But I could still make the cheese work too.

I had been planning to explore this issue at this point of the story arc, but ironically, the project itself has also hit that point. To put it succinctly: Life imitates art.

But never fear. The teeth-gritting has begun. Trying to figure out some of the issues with the project  occasionally feels like running full-speed into a wall head-first, repeatedly, hoping that this time will be the time that wall shatters, but when it finally does it will be a glorious epiphany and all that excitement that I was bubbling with last week will be fresh, and I’ll fall in love all over again.

Also, I’m American, I put cheese on everything, so there will be no cheese disposal, particularly when the mold isn’t that widespread and really only on the surface. That shit’s still good.

I’d better end this update now, before my mixed metaphors mate and make millions of terrible, confusing cheesy marriages.

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