Project Updates: Picking Up Dropped Balls

Project Updates

A little behind this week, for no discernible reason. I’m just moving more slowly this week.

Work on the webcomic continues, I think we’re starting to settle into a groove that will hopefully work for us. Right now I’m just trying to churn out stories, create a backlog of stuff we can go to, and then actually putting things down on paper into a script-format to be drawn. The nice thing about getting things scripted many weeks before they’re pencilled is that I have plenty of time to go back and reread the scripts after letting them sit for awhile. God knows that things that seemed like a FANTASTIC FUCKING IDEA when I wrote them, are the shittiest pieces of trite material ever written when I look back, post-frenzied-writing-excitement. I feel like that’s how John Carter happened.

I’ve also picked up on that project I was working on way back when, a sci-fi screenplay. When I put it down, I was having some issues getting a handle on it. It didn’t all connect exactly right in my mind, it seemed like an amorphous pile rather a strong concept waiting to be spun. That’s kind of a big fat excuse, and I never should’ve dropped it in the first place, but the important thing is that I’m diving back in now. I’ve figured out some things that I was having trouble with before, and I also decided to strip some things away and focus on the core of the story, then maybe see if the other elements can still play. A lot of minor things are changing, but I’m getting a better grip on the story, which feels much better.

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