The Continuing Mission to Be More Awesome

I keep trying to figure out how best to use this blog.

When I first started out, I was just sort of trying to keep myself doing a writing activity, since I was unemployed and unsure as to what I wanted to do in the immediate future (other than watch lots of TV and read a lot of comics).

Then I decided I wanted to add more structure to this whole thing, and really make a run at  blogging and making it one of the things that I do. But I realized that I’m not really sure that I have anything new to put out in the blogosphere, and if it actually comes down to it, blogging is not really what I want to do – it’s not the type of writing that I want to spend my life doing. So I probably shouldn’t work that hard at it, especially if working on it takes away from me writing the kind of stuff that I want to be writing. Which it was.

So then I decided to abandon the whole blogging-idea. I was just going to let this whole thing fade away in to the mist, lost amongst hundreds of thousands of neglected blogs. — Which if you think about it, is actually very sad – just think about the excitement and fervor that probably all of those blogs were created with. Can you see the graveyard of blogs, withered away after so many months of being forgotten…

But I’ve been thinking lately that I like having a public place to just think into. I’m not really certain I have all that many thoughts that are worth putting out into public, but I’m not certain that that matters at all to me.

Also, I do have a lot of goals, in my continuing mission to become more awesome. And those are definitely good to put in a public place, because if you’re not making any progress, you can be publicly shamed, and hopefully goaded onwards.

So – in conclusion – I’m just going to sort of approach this whole blogging space without any sort of plan or map. And see what happens…

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