Of the Bicycling Kind

One of the things that’s difficult about trying to work full time and write in my spare time is managing priorities.

Since it is having two jobs, I really should have no spare time for any other things, except maybe half the weekend. This makes me feel like a really anti-social person occasionally, and makes it a bit difficult to have other personal goals. Rather, it’s pretty easy to have those goals, but difficult to devote any time to them.

Which is not to say that I’ve given up completely. I just have to get a little more creative.

For example, I’ve been trying to move towards and keep in mind is living a little greener. I only work a couple of miles from work and don’t really have a reason to try to bike between work and home. This would be marvelous, because I would be exercising and  using less fuel, and this would not only would save me money, but would also make me feel awesome, like I’ve got Captain Planet’s approval (the nice one, not Don Cheadle). And it wouldn’t take up that much extra time, because [sadly] I have to go to work anyways — this is all around a win-win-win arrangement!

Except —

My bike has flat tires and has been in this condition probably since I brought it down to LA.  Rectifying this includes a number of tasks that guarantee to eat time the way Galactus eats planets.

I’ve decided that this project, and the accompanying tasks to complete it, fall into the category of NECESSARY ERRAND. So I now have to do several things to move it forward, including, but not limited to:

  • determining if my tires can be patched or if I need new tubes
  • figuring out how to determine if my tires can be patched or if I need new tubes
  • learning how to either patch my tires or replace the tubes
  • and getting into good enough shape that I can bicycle a gentle 2-mile incline in a reasonable amount of time without sweating horrifically and arriving at my office looking like I came through a rainstorm to get to work

You’ll notice that there is a lot of learning, figuring, and general prepping involved in “riding my bike to work.” Mostly because I am tragically, maybe a little hilariously, unprepared for physical exertion of the bicycling kind.

Here’s the biggest problem. There is a very fine line between NECESSARY ERRANDS and Necessary-Errands-taking-up-so-much-time-it-turns-into-procrastination-because-I-spent-the-whole-weekend-dunking-my-tires-in-the-bathtub-and-looking-for-bubbles. In fact it’s not so much of a line, as much as a slow transformation, that you notice very suddenly Sunday night, when you realize you haven’t written more than a page and you still have bicycle tubes hanging out in your bathtub.

On the flip-side is the graveyard of abandoned projects that never get up and running because I wandered off halfway through.

So. I am going to try to fix my bike this weekend, and get used to riding a bike around in traffic again, not to mention doing things other than sitting on my couch or at a computer. But I am also going to be keeping a sharp eye on that non-line line. And maybe wasting time trying to devise a way to both ride a bicycle and write at the same time.

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