Prompt & Response – Speechless

Today’s prompt is Speechless.

The idea is to write about someone who has been rehearsing this speech over and over and over again in their head, trying to ingrain the perfect words for the the perfect moment in their head.

But when that moment arrives,for some reason, they don’t say a word.

I thought about this on my way home today (I had forgotten why I like walking places, and how much I enjoy it…. ) and came up with a few different ideas. I will probably eventually pick one and write, or maybe I’ll even write them all. But for now, while they percolate, here’s what sprang to mind (and stuck – sometimes they bounce back into the void because they’re terrible ideas and deserve to die sad lonely deaths) when I thought of being Speechless.

  1. A love affair between a photograph and war widow
    I had thought a bit more of a plot line up for this, but when I summarized it just now into that pithy description, it opened up a bit, and now I think that I was maybe pigeon-holing into something when it could be much better… But the main idea is that unbreakable wall that exists in that situation. No matter how much either of them may have to say to each other.
  2. A speech that keeps being shaken clear, like a scribble on an Etch-a-Sketch
    While the prompt was percolating in my mind, a song came on my iPod, and one of the lyrics said something about a shaken glass ball, maybe like a snow globe. So I got this image of someone composing this speech, either out of admiration or admonition to say to this faceless presence that keeps ‘shaking’ the speech into oblivion… the idea kind of reminds me of a short story Neil Gaiman wrote for the Matrix.
  3. A robot who’s in love with another robot, but can’t say it, because he only speaks in beeps and whistles.
    In case you’re wondering, the afflicted robot looks kinda like a trash can and is in love with a robot that has a distinctly golden hue.

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  1. Donald

     /  August 21, 2012

    the war widow one sounds really interesting. i cant wait to read any/all of them when you are done.

  2. cb

     /  August 22, 2012

    you are really twisted sometimes but i like the way u think outside the box – and i like what u come up with on paper…i think the robot comes too close to wall-e…but i would like to read about the widow!

    • novellyderivative

       /  August 22, 2012

      In case you’re wondering…
      the robots looks an awful lot like this:


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