Meeting at the Crossroads

I found a prompt somewhere about making Faustian deals and meeting the crossroads demon. For someone who’s been catching up on Mike Carey’s Lucifer, and who regularly binges on Supernatural, this is a pretty irresistible prompt.

But the things is when you think about the crossroads, divorced from the mythology of making deals with the devil, it’s still a very metaphorically potent image. Think Frost and The Road Not Taken. It makes that image of the crossroads demon even more interesting, suggesting that someone who’s called up demons for some insidious designs had a variety of choices and chose maybe the stupidest one – do I go left or right or back, no I know I’ll go straight down.

So I got onto this idea, not quite in that direct path, but eventually, of what is the absolute stupidest thing you could make a deal with the devil for.

Incidentally, I was recently reading a book about a guy who mistakenly summons a demon and ends up causing a demonic strike and thereby wins a free wish from the devil. And with that, he chooses to become a superhero – as a part-time gig. This is not a stupid thing to wish for, in fact, I think it’s pretty awesome, and it was not a bad read – The Damned Busters, by Matthew Hughes. But this is entirely beside the point.

Back to the stupidity thing –
I don’t think a character who was actually stupid would be any fun. More than anything, you’d just feel bad for him, because if they’d be gifted with a few more brain cells, they might’ve wanted something else. So for it to be any fun, the wisher would have to be just particular about the way things work out in their life. For example, the type of character that fervently believed that the discrepancy between box, pl. boxes and ox, pl. oxen, was one of the greatest travesties in the history of humanity.

But then also to take into consideration – how would the rest of the world change? It would be infinitely more exciting if a small, seemingly insignificant wish – like I wish all milk was blue – suddenly changed everything about our world [This may be how that world in a galaxy far, far away sprung into existence, first blue milk, then LIGHTSABERS.]

I mean what if zippers never existed?

Or if small talk bore the penalty of death?

Or if springs didn’t exist?

Drifting into currents of that thought inevitably lead to the conclusion that someone could have made a spectacularly idiotic wish like that, and inadvertently caused all the major issues in the world, only we have no idea, because we never knew the true value of a dinglybop that never existed in our timeline.

Alas, for the dinglybop!


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  1. Donald

     /  August 28, 2012

    Reminds me of this clip from The Simpsons. Sorry for the poor quality

  2. dad

     /  August 29, 2012

    theres a movie no title in head british about a faustian deal with and idiot and the big L Might try to search for “the Fringe” and seven deadly sins and see what pops up,, maybe it will i dunno create some new paths for this track oh and dudley moore starred.


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