Novelly Derivative is about the continuing mission to create and consume media, and tends towards the nerdtastic and geeky, purely because the author, Marissa, is easily distracted by anything with a cape or a sword. As the blog of an aspiring writer and filmmaker, Novelly Derivative looks at cool stuff other (successful) people do, talks about what Marissa is doing, and generally musing about.


I started this blog as an attempt to keep writing, keep thinking, keep going. I was unemployed, freshly graduated and relatively unconcerned with what the future holds – I’ve always believed that things will fall into place for me, one way or another.

Now, I’m still fairly freshly graduated, but have managed to have a job or two, one of which was actually worthwhile, but I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out, which I suppose is probably an unending series of musings. Also, I really do think that every single thought and idea I have is absolute brilliance.

I’ve transitioned from the archetypal unemployed recent graduate to the cliche of the struggling filmmaker working a day job and trying to keep up a good habit of writing at night. In the midst of that, I also occasionally try to have a real life, but that often gets abandoned in favor of the newest episode of whatever TV obsession I am currently entertaining. Life is hard.

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