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Project Updates: Picking Up Dropped Balls

Project Updates

A little behind this week, for no discernible reason. I’m just moving more slowly this week.

Work on the webcomic continues, I think we’re starting to settle into a groove that will hopefully work for us. Right now I’m just trying to churn out stories, create a backlog of stuff we can go to, and then actually putting things down on paper into a script-format to be drawn. The nice thing about getting things scripted many weeks before they’re pencilled is that I have plenty of time to go back and reread the scripts after letting them sit for awhile. God knows that things that seemed like a FANTASTIC FUCKING IDEA when I wrote them, are the shittiest pieces of trite material ever written when I look back, post-frenzied-writing-excitement. I feel like that’s how John Carter happened.

I’ve also picked up on that project I was working on way back when, a sci-fi screenplay. When I put it down, I was having some issues getting a handle on it. It didn’t all connect exactly right in my mind, it seemed like an amorphous pile rather a strong concept waiting to be spun. That’s kind of a big fat excuse, and I never should’ve dropped it in the first place, but the important thing is that I’m diving back in now. I’ve figured out some things that I was having trouble with before, and I also decided to strip some things away and focus on the core of the story, then maybe see if the other elements can still play. A lot of minor things are changing, but I’m getting a better grip on the story, which feels much better.

Project Updates: World-building

Here’s what you need to know about my thoughts on world-building:

Let me stop myself before I go off into a tirade about the glorious tradition of world-building and the history of great world-builders who’ve come before us. I will do my utmost to concentrate on how I’m concerned with world-building today, though later this week, you may be getting a fatty post about the great world-builders.

After finding the problems in our project, we took a step back and tried to lay down a more solid base. As we started to discuss what we were working with, we started to get more and more detailed about how this story would manifest, and the world that was being created around it. Before I knew it, we were full-tilt world-building, and speaking in purely theoretical terms about who inhabited this world and what everything looked like and the mechanics of the whole place. I belong to that school of creators that believe that a good solid world is fundamental to a good genre story, (and yes there are some who don’t think it’s all that important), and can help the story self-manifest instead of having to constantly search for it. A world that is fully formed becomes a character itself. I think what we’ve come up with is absolutely marvelous. I’m definitely in love with it.

We had laid out a sort of a prologue and had these ephemeral ideas about where we wanted this story to go, but the execution was evading us a little bit. When we really nailed down what we wanted the story to do, and what we thought was the essence of that story, then we were able to define the world as we needed it to be. And then it’s sort of a vicious cycle, where the story is defining the world and the world is defining the story and it’s gorgeous. It’s much easier to see where that story is going and what the first few stories will be.

But the best part is that after a session of just pure mind-spew creation, we were able to come up with a concept that tickles my mind, and there’s probably nothing better than that.

Project Updates: Moldy Cheese Marriage

My latest project is about being a writer and the writing process in general, and the bit I’m working on now is concerned with running into problems – that time after the honeymoon, when the excitement isn’t as fresh, and suddenly you can see the problems sticking up out of your brilliant idea like the moldy bits of that cheese that you probably should’ve thrown away a few days ago, but couldn’t stand to toss because cheese is just too delicious to waste, so you’ll probably just cut out the moldy bits because cheese is basically just a good-tasting version of mold anyways, right?

The merits of moldy cheese aside, the point at which you start to see the flaws with what originally seemed the perfection of concept is a defining moment in the writing process, because it’s too easy to just abandon projects at this point and move on to the next big brilliant idea, which of course is just a terrible downward spiral of incomplete works. For something to actually outlast the post-honeymoon period takes an idea that is actually solid and a lot of teeth-gritting dedication to push something onwards and make it work. The relationship/marriage metaphor is startlingly appropriate. But I could still make the cheese work too.

I had been planning to explore this issue at this point of the story arc, but ironically, the project itself has also hit that point. To put it succinctly: Life imitates art.

But never fear. The teeth-gritting has begun. Trying to figure out some of the issues with the project  occasionally feels like running full-speed into a wall head-first, repeatedly, hoping that this time will be the time that wall shatters, but when it finally does it will be a glorious epiphany and all that excitement that I was bubbling with last week will be fresh, and I’ll fall in love all over again.

Also, I’m American, I put cheese on everything, so there will be no cheese disposal, particularly when the mold isn’t that widespread and really only on the surface. That shit’s still good.

I’d better end this update now, before my mixed metaphors mate and make millions of terrible, confusing cheesy marriages.

Project Updates: Impetus

I’ve started  a new project, in a new medium, with a not-so-new (though still delightful) partner. Since it’s still in the development stages, it’s the new shiny toy, and I get really excited about working on it all the time. Which is good, because I’m making progress on it, but bad because I’ve kind of ignored all other projects. But I’ve got impetus now, and that can’t be ignored. So onwards with the shiny toy!

This project started with a branding meeting. As an enterprising young creative, I was meeting with a design-minded friend about business cards and a general image that I’d like to put out on the interwebs, and as we were discussing more interesting ways of saying that I try to string words together prettily, we found the word ‘inkslinger.’ It was too cool of a word to ignore, and I had the idea that there should really be a comic about a character called inkslinger. While I’ve mastered the delicate art of stick-figures, that’s really all I can do, and xkcd sort of cornered the market on the whole stick-figure thing. But magically, my design-minded friend was looking for an excuse to draw more. And thus a new enterprise was born.

In my mind, this project started out as real fluff, just fun little bits here and there, but the truth is that that probably would not have worked so well for me, being that writing is more my forte and drawing really is NOT (except for the stick figures of course). Luckily, it sort of organically grew into its own niche and expanded outwards into a much grander and better idea. It’s the kind of project that when I get home from a meeting about it, I’m bubbling with excitement and ideas, and sit down to immediately start scribbling things and pinning up questions that keep opening up onto my corkboard. In the last meeting, I asked about whether or not one of our characters should be called something other than what we call him, and that directly lead to a existential debate as it relates to our little webcomic.

There are projects that are just fun and exciting, and there are projects that are engaging. And those are wonderful.