Flash Prompts

New Project: Write a scene for the prompt of the day and post it for all of the world  to see.

reddit.com has a subreddit reserved specially for a prompt of the day. The creator and moderator is wonderful enough to provide prompts and a place for people to post the work that spawned from the prompt at r/promptoftheday.

So everyday, I’ll be looking at the new prompt and trying to write a little scene or short story based on it. The goal is between 500 and 1000 words, absolutely no more than 2000. I’m also trying to spend under an hour, and usually under a half hour on them. So they’re getting pumped out pretty quickly, most are still pretty rough.

The nice thing is I can come back in a couple weeks and see which ones had kernels of good stuff and try to actually work on those.


First Date


The Biotechnology Revolution

The Countdown


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