June 6, 2012

Prompt of the Day

If I keep my eyes open, I could run until my legs gave way. I would collapse before the world around me did. I would never hit anything I couldn’t step over or leap across, I’d never hit a wall. I could run into infinity.

The only way I can find the wall is when I’m perfectly still. When I think of nothing, and lift my hands to reach into that space before me. Then I can feel the cool, smooth curvature of the glass. In my mind, it’s thick and prismatic – light from whatever is beyond it splitting into myriad colors across my unseeing face. I will never know what the glass actually looks like, when I open my eyes all I see is the endless stretch of whatever randomized landscape I happen to be trapped in at the moment.

When my eyes open, the sounds come back, like a switch is flipped and the world is turned back on. All of the sudden I can hear the wind wheezing through the leaves or the grass or whatever is supposed to be growing around me. I can hear the rustle of of animals that I’ve never seen close enough to identify. When I let everything go and shut the world off, silence settles around me like a blanket. Sometimes I think I can hear muted mufflings from the other side of the glass. But I could be imagining it.

I wish I could spend all of my time with my eyes closed, my mind empty, running my hands along the smooth surface. Sometimes I try to follow it, explore it, find the imperfections in it. But the moment I focus on what I’m doing, or think about any tiny distraction, suddenly the glass disappears from beneath my hands, and I hear the wind and the rustle. And I feel the emptiness of this place.

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