Pipe Dreams


I really want to do this.

When we’re little kids, we believe that if we don’t tell anyone about our dreams and wishes, they’ll come true. I’m reticent to deny the truth of any of the adages I learned in a time that just generally made more sense, but in this case, it had it coming. Twenty-two years of wishing on shooting stars, birthday candles, eyelashes and dandelions has taught me that making wishes come true by keeping them to yourself is complete and total crap. If it weren’t, I’d be a Power Ranger married to Orlando Bloom right now (I suppose, ultimately, I’m okay with the fact these  things didn’t happen… but how cool would it be to be a Power Ranger, right?) So here’s to trying something different.

It would cost what could easily be considered an exorbitant amount of money to me, and would take at least two weeks. One way, Santa Monica to Chicago, Route 66 crosses 8 states, covering about 2,278 miles – probably about 80 gallons of gas. I’d need a co-pilot or two, and an inexhaustible playlist, preferably consisting of many, many classic rock songs.

Like most things in my life right now, my plans to do this inspire a vague sense of terror and incredulity. I worry about the costs, the time, the feasibility, and how potentially irresponsible it might be to just up and leave at this point in my life. And against all that stacked up, the only thing pushing me to do it is  simple desire.

I really want to do this. And that seems to be enough.

Kansas is missing from this map – it cuts through the corner of the state for about 10-30 minutes

Any tips, advice, contributions, or suggestions for playlist additions would be greatly appreciated. Extra points for songs that are actually about road-tripping, roads, driving, etc.

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  1. Don’t argue your limitations, you have plenty of time for that when you are my age. Scream at the top of your voice “CHICAGO HERE I COME” Screw the rest.

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